Computer Science as a Second Major

Double Major Offering

We now have a double major option for students across the campus:

Computer science as a second major (36h)

Comp 1113, 1123, 2103, 2113, 2203, 2213, 12h Comp electives at the 2000+ level (except Comp 2903) of which at least 6h must be at the 3000+ level (30h). Math 1323 or 1333, and 1413. (6h)

To learn more about the courses listed above click here to see Acadia's academic timetable.

New Degree Program: BBA with Major in Business Technology Management (BTM)

The Acadia BBA with Major in Business Technology Management (BTM) degree provides a strong foundation for students interested in leveraging ICT in modern businesses. Click here for more information.

Specialization Streams

BCS with Specialization in Software Development - Software Development is the study of the software cycle starting from the initial project requirements and design to the development and testing of the initial product. This specialization will provide you with the knowledge of the entire software development process, ranging from the soft skills in project management and design to hands-on programming and development. Be the specialist in your company with the skills to handle any part of the software development process (pending MPHEC approval). Click here for more information.

BCS with Specialization in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing - The Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing specialization stream is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in this rapidly growing area of Computer Science. Recent years have shown that we are working towards an increasingly mobile computing environment with wireless laptops, smartphones, handheld computers and even wireless printers and digital cameras. Click here for more information.

BCS with Specialization in Game Development - Game development requires serious skills including programming, software engineering, and modeling; applying the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction and other important areas of Computer Science. The BCS Specialization in Game Development is a four-year program that provides the foundations necessary for a rewarding career in the exciting field of game development. Click here for more information.



** Athough the course information here is prepared with care, changes may have been made to the Academic Calendar.  It is the students responsibility to confirm their required courses with the Academic Calendar from the current year. **