Computer Science Seminar

Colibri is a Ruby on Rails company that is developing a geo-located product, Strollopia, which is available in Beta on Android (iOS coming soon). This product will allow simple building and sharing of mapping data. It has a rich API which allows programmers the freedom to build apps that take advantage of it, and it has a mobile presentation layer that delivers content based on location.
Representing people’s opinions visually based on geographic location is the aim of a new project in the works at Colibri. This project displays, on a map, the results of polls based on postal code using shape files and a vote-based colouring algorithm. It allows users to view overall poll results by state/province as well as results by individual postal codes. It will eventually be part of a larger app that will allow users to create, vote on, and manage polls in their region.
About the Presenters
Dr. John Read is an adjunct professor of computer science at Acadia University and founder of Colibri Software, which is located in Patterson Hall. He has worked many years in the software industry both in the US and Canada.
Josh d’Entremont is a 4th year Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours student.  He will be speaking about creating heat maps based on anonymized user location data.
Rachel Bood is finishing her second degree at Acadia University. She is actively involved in the RPC (Robot Programmer Competitions) here at the School and was the Head Judge Coordinator for the First Lego League at last year’s competition. Upon graduation, she will be leaving with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science. Being an Acadia student for over 6 years, she is eager to jump into the workforce and start her career in Computer Science.
Mike Samson is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours program and is a co-president for the Computer Science Society here at Acadia. He has training in classical illustration and introductory graphic design and has been working for Colibri Software for the past two summers developing web applications. After he graduates he hopes to get into software development of some kind and someday work in the video game industry.
Everyone is welcome to attend

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