Jodrey School of Computer Science SEMINAR PRESENTATION

Jodrey School of Computer Science



Friday October 27, 2017


Carnegie Hall 113


Democratizing software development using AI and NLU

David Pratt



David will discuss his journey from SDK development to his rationale for his latest project AiLA that aims to democratize software by combining artificial intelligence, multiplatform development, and decentralized networking. AiLA is an app that empowers teams to securely communicate, collaborate, and integrate technology into their operations so they can focus, compete and scale. AiLA uses artificial intelligence and natural language to create information technology that is simply integrated into team communication and collaboration. Most of all, it requires no programming.

About the Presenter

David Pratt is an entrepreneur and seasoned software engineer with substantial multi-platform and DevOps experience. Between 2011 - 2015, he led two international teams in the development of SDKs to help developers achieve ubiquity across device platforms. In 2015, David founded DevScript with the goal of democratizing software. David is currently working with Acadia’s Institute of Data Analytics and Dalhousie University’s Institute of Big Data Analytics on machine learning models for AiLA that will arrive in the market in early 2018. DevScript was accelerated by Innovacorp, NextPhase, and Wavefront in 2016 – 17 and is currently a finalist in the Innovacorp Spark Competition in Oct 2017.

Everyone is welcome to attend

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