Jodrey School of Computer Science SEMINAR PRESENTATION

Jodrey School of Computer Science



Friday November 3, 2017


Carnegie Hall 113


Seafloor habitat mapping in an ocean of big data: Development of data analysis approaches for map production

Craig J. Brown.

Applied Research, Nova Scotia Community College, Ivany Campus, 80 Mawiomi Place, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 0A5, Canada



Over the past two decades advances in the field of ocean technology have led to the exponential increase in volumes of oceanographic data. Acoustic remote sensing, autonomous surface and underwater platforms, in-situ sensor platforms, and vessel-deployed instruments are now capable of collecting extremely large, diverse and interconnected oceanographic data sets for a wide range of applications. The technology has reached the state where ocean data are being generated at a rate faster than can be assessed and interpreted using traditional methods. The need for development of analytical tools to process these data sets, coupled with the skilled individuals to undertake these analyses is now paramount.

We present case study examples of applied research activities in the field of integrated ocean mapping at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) where analytical procedures are under development to handle, process and deliver results from large oceanographic data sets in support of ocean sector stakeholders. NSCC works closely with regional and Canadian-based companies, federal and provincial government departments, and other academic institutions to provide innovative applied research solutions in the area of ocean technology and ocean analytics. An overview of various habitat mapping approaches will be provided to illustrate advances in this field of research.

About the Presenter

Craig J. Brown is an NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Integrated Ocean Mapping Technologies at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Over the past 2 decades, his research has focused on the application of seafloor acoustics for studying, mapping and moring seabed ecosystems.

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