Jodrey School of Computer Science Seminar Presentation

Jodrey School of Computer Science



Friday November17, 2017


Carnegie Hall 113


High-Volume Malware Triaging and Analysis

Tyler Parrott

Senior IT Security Analyst

Communications Security Establishment



The world of cyber security is ever changing and fast paced, new threats emerge daily and known threats persist. For the first time ever, the Communications Security Establishment is releasing one of its own tools to the public as an open source platform. This talk will outline what happened when scope creep turned the analysis of 5-10 suspected malicious files a day in to 10 million and why CSE has decided to share the result.

About the Presenter

Tyler Parrott is a Senior IT Security Analyst with the Communications Security Establishment, currently working for the organization's Cyber Defence program. Tyler has 10 years of experience at CSE, spending 4 years in Vulnerability Research, 3 years with Infrastructure Management & Security, and 3 years on the Malware Analysis & Automation team. Tyler holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa.

Everyone is welcome to attend

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