Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Jodrey School of Computer Science



Friday, November 12, 2018


Carnegie Hall 113


Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Keegan Francis



Blockchain is disrupting financial markets and technology ecosystems alike. The applications of Blockchain are numerous, ranging from supply chain management to borderless and free transactions. During this presentation, Keegan will dive into the basic technical aspects of the Blockchain and the various implementations of it. Later in the presentation, Keegan will make comments on, and give you tools to understand and even participate in the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

About the Presenter

Keegan Francis is a software engineer, investor, entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast. Keegan was born and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia and went to school at Acadia University. Keegan graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science with a focus on data structures, web languages and databases. Keegan now works at PBSA (Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association), a non-profit organization based out of the Diefenbunker in Debert, Nova Scotia. Keegan spends his days working on, and building the Peerplays Blockchain and associated decentralized applications (DAPPS) that run on top of the Blockchain.

Everyone is welcome to attend

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