Open sourcing data science tools at Capital One

Jodrey School of Computer Science



Friday, October 5, 2018

2:30 PM

Carnegie Hall 113


Open sourcing data science tools at Captial One


Faisal Dosani



Capital One Canada recently open sourced 2 projects (datacompy, and locopy) with roots in Data Science and Engineering. While is it exciting and rewarding to share your ideas with the world it isn’t always easy. Thinking about licenses, copyrights, and protecting confidential information is a must! The talk will cover a demo of the tools, some of the considerations when open sourcing, and see how Capital One isn't your typical bank, but on a mission: To change banking for good.


About the Presenters

Faisal is a Senior Manager in the Data Science practice at Capital One Canada. He has been learning Python over the last 4 years and enjoyed every moment for it. His passions revolve around software, design, data, and most of all learning!

Everyone is welcome to attend


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