Seminar - Derek Reilly

Carnegie Hall room 113
Yearly city-wide art festivals have become hugely popular in North American cities and around the world. For example, Nuit Blanche in Toronto attracts over 1 million attendees from all walks of life, roaming the city streets from dusk to dawn, sampling art, performance and interactive experiences. These events have characteristics that are very attractive for HCI research: a large sample size in a short timeframe, participants that are excited and primed to engage in novel interactive experiences, and a broad demographic typically inaccessible when recruiting for lab studies.
Over the past 4 years we have been building interactive exhibits for these art festivals, and conducting HCI research in parallel, with mixed success. In this talk I will present results and lessons learned by exploring three exhibits and their related studies: two whole body interactive games called Tweetris and Beach Pong, and an historical narrative mixed reality experience called Operation:Citadel.  
Derek Reilly (PhD Dalhousie, BEd Queen's, BA Hons McGill) is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, where he is a member of the Graphics and Experiential Media (GEM) Lab. Much of his research is concerned with the impact of our physical environment on how we interact with computers. He has explored this within a range of technical contexts, including interactive visualization, mobile computing, mixed reality environments, and whole body interaction, often within interdisciplinary collaborations. Before coming to Dalhousie Dr. Reilly was Associate Professor in Digital Futures at OCAD University, and Research Scientist at Georgia Tech’s GVU Center. 

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