Co-op Showcase

Every year the Computer Science department has a number of students who participate in Acadia's Co-op program.  As part of their Co-op placement, students will be giving presentations about where they did their workterms and what projects they worked on.  Presentations will take place Thursday, September 12th and Friday, September 13th in Carnegie Hall room 113. All students and staff are invited to come watch the presentations and learn what Co-op at Acadia has done for them, after all Acadia's Co-op program is ranked #1 in Canada.

Thursday September 12, 2013, starting at 3:00pm
1.       Amanda Drost, Colibri Software: Who Knew Heatmaps Were Useful?
2.       Fady Abdelmohsen, Jodrey School of Computer Science: Computer Science Lab in Summer 2013
3.       Justin Haynes, Capital Health: Just Keep Beating – Technology Use in a Medical Field
4.       Zach Bearinger, Longtail Studios:  Iteration: Improving Results
5.       Michael Neynens, Lockheed Martin: Software Development
6.       Prasad Rajandran, Science Atlantic: Co-op with Science Atlantic
7.       Cody McCarthy, Colibri Software: Sounds of a Hummingbird

Friday September 13, 2013, starting at 2:30pm
1.       Tim Cooper, MusicPath Inc.: Creating Music Made Easy
2.       Yichuan Xu (Aven), School of Engineering: Recycling Project
3.       Daniel Deveau, Colibri Software:  Starting From Square One – My Web Development Co-op Term
4.       Md Saroer-E Azam, BlackBerry:  Software Verification and Validation
5.       Xiao Shi (Dean), Electronic Arts: Working at EA
6.      Wenxuan Zhao (Vince), Ocean Sonics: My Co-op Experience
7.       Lourens Schep, Colibri Software: JavaScript, Great if Built Using Frameworks

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