COMP 4983 Project Presentation


Friday, December 6, 2019

2:30 to 4:00 PM

Carnegie Hall 113



Asma Lokhandwala  F.Y.R - Furniture You Rent

F.Y.R – Furniture You Rent is a furniture rental e-commerce website.


William Wambolt – Personal Health Manager

"Personal Health Manager", and its nutrition and exercise logging software for daily calorie tracking and diet planning.


Mayar Tahina  HyperManagement

This is app is for business management, it handles employees’ payroll customer database, products database, and invoicing.


Mark MacDonald – Sound Clash

A mash of two different game genres to make a First-Person Rhythm Shooter, where the player must hit notes to the rhythm to survive.


Yening Wang – Daycare Matching System

Daycare Matching System helps parents look for daycares and daycares communicate with parents efficiently.



Acadia community is welcome to attend

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