Rayan Alamer -- Diabetes Monitor Web App

The application will help diabetics by tracking their sugar level, food, time, and medicine. Then the application will represent the data through the use of graphs. Also, users can easily share their data with others.


Evan Cox -- King Slayer

An experiment in mobile development and Unity programming. I wanted to learn my way through making a 2D turn based rpg for Android phones. This game is the result of that learning and effort.


James Flemming -- Image Transformations Using a Back Propagating Neural Network

Machine learning is a fast growing field with many useful applications in data analysis. The use of neural networks can not only allow for prediction, but also the generation of entertaining content. This project serves to show a novel way to transform images using Matlab and a back propagating neural network. Though the use of a system like this has little value in consumer products, this is an interesting proof of concept and a creative use of machine learning.


Guanglei Hu -- CAR Resource Booking System

My project is ‘CAR Room Booking System’. It allows the faculty and staff of computer science of Acadia University to book the resource of CAR (Carnegie Hall). My presentation will show the system requirements (log in, register, booking, cancel a booking, administrator functions and so on). And brief describe how I design the system(Coding language, framework, system structure, use case and maybe some pseudo.


Bradley Jobe -- Seniors: The Framework Strikes Back

Problem: Nova Scotia Health Authority requires a website to host healthcare content to inform seniors, as well as a system to track those users and find out what content they are most interested in.



Tyler Joudrey  -- Curriculum Based Assessment Web Application

A web application that aids instructors by assessing a student's capacity to solve problems on one or more subject areas.


Scott Peters -- Prim, the Robot

A fun new puzzle-adventure game where you are a small primitive robot who must use his surroundings to solve his problems.

You play as Prim, a newly designed robot who is capable of absorb elements and able to instantly create them using this new modular device made by his creator. He is placed in a testing facility where he is confronted with different elements and monitored by his creators.

Jeremy Sheehy -- RecMu: A user driven music recommendation platform 

RecMu is a platform that allows users to request and receive music recommendations from other users with similar tastes.



Websites play an important role in modern life. As the number of Internet users increases, the traditional way of serving web content becomes inefficient. Overloading a web server slows down the speed of page load or even takes down the whole website, which greatly affects the browsing experience for users. The demand for serving a large volume of users has sped up the evolution of web technologies. In recent years, Content Delivery Network has become the major solution for delivering static content from large websites. However, Content Delivery Network requires high bandwidth and careful maintenance to maintain high levels of performance, which can be costly. To solve the bandwidth problem, instead of downloading the content directly from servers, either from standalone web servers or servers in the Content Delivery Network, with the help of WebRTC browsers may share the downloaded content with each other to reduce time for page loading. The project BCDN, which stands for Browser-side Content Delivery Network, is a novel system created to achieve this goal by allowing browsers not only download static web content from the centralized servers, but also share those content with each other. In BCDN, A proof of concept application suite is designed and implemented, then proved working by a series of tests. The test results show BCDN can dramatically reduce the bandwidth usage, and speed up the website loading as more browsers join into the network.


Everyone is welcome to attend

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