CS Seminar

Dr. Danny Silver, Jodrey School of Computer Science,  Acadia University


CAR 113



Getting a Machine to Fly Learn: Extending Our Reach Beyond Our Grasp



Machine Learning is the study of how to build systems that can automatically learn and improve with experience similar to humans. Since the early 1980’s there have been significant advances in ML that have affected things such as marketing, banking, manufacturing, household appliances, automobiles, medicine and health care, and most recently the Internet and mobile devices. Machine Learning is poised to extend human mental reach in the virtual world of the 21st century in the same way as flight extended our physical reach in 20th century – it provides the means to filter massive amounts of data, recognize complex patterns, and rapidly make difficult decisions. 



Danny is a Professor for the Jodrey School of Computer Science at Acadia University. His areas of research and development are machine learning, data mining, and adaptive systems.  He has published over 60 scientific papers, edited special journal editions, and has been part of the program committee for a number of national and international conferences, seminars and workshops.  Most recently he was awarded a Harrison McCain Foundation Award for research into advance machine learning methods.  Since 1993, he has worked on machine learning and data mining projects in the private and public sector providing situation analysis and problem definition, project management and guidance, and predictive analytic services.  In 2011, he received the Science Champion Award from the Nova Scotia Discovery Center for his work on youth robotics and the advancement of STEM education. 

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