CS Seminar


Jodrey School of Computer Science


Friday, January 17, 2014

2:30 PM

Carnegie Hall 113

14 Software Engineering Squadron—

Continuous Improvement for Aircraft.


Andre H. Gloumeau                                                                                                                        Mr. Henry Hoeksma

Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Officer                                                                                  Senior Software Engineer

14 Wing Software Engineering Squadron                                                              14 Wing Software Engineering Squadron

14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia                                                                                  14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia



Bio – Andre Gloumeau

Taking command of the Squadron in the summer of 2012, Lieutenant-Colonel Gloumeau has had the privilege of leading the RCAF's premiere Software Engineering organization through a challenging period of

modernization and renewal for Canada's CP-140 Aurora intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft.  Drawing on his training and expertise in Operational Test and Evaluation and project management, his current responsibilities include the redefinition of the delivery of software support to this complex aircraft and its simulators.



Bio – Henry Hoeksma

Since 2008 Mr. Hoeksma has been the software architect and technical lead for the Block II CP-140 Aurora aircraft. This aircraft is Canada's main intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft. Mr. Hoeksma has been with the squadron since 2002, fulfilling many roles in software development, training, planning, and management.




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