Jodrey School of Computer Science


Acadia Institute for Data Analytics




Thursday, January 30, 2014

1:30 PM

Carnegie Hall 113


I will be providing an introduction to visual analytics (VA), the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. VA tools and techniques enable analysts to synthesize and explore information and derive insight from massive, dynamic and possibly conflicting data collections. I will then demonstrate and discuss some recent work in visual analytics, specifically the work of Anoop Sarkar and a group of researchers from the Natural Language Lab at Simon Fraser University. In this work, the semantic analysis of unstructured textual information about world history contained in Wikipedia is integrated into an interactive visual interface facilitating sophisticated user interaction.


FRED POPOWICH is a Professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University.  He is Director of the Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics, and is President of the newly formed Canadian Network for Visual Analytics, a national not-for-profit organization supporting research and training across Canada. Extremely active in technology commercialization, his ties to industry include being a founding director of AILIA, Canada's Language Industry Association, where he was also responsible for Canada's language technology roadmap, and a founding member of SFU Venture Connection. Together with a group of SFU researchers and students, he was co-founder of a language technology company, Axonwave Software, where he was co-inventor on two patents and held the roles of president, COO and CTO at various points in time. Popowich has over 100 publications, research that has primarily been concerned with how computers can be used to process human language, either to make it easier for human beings to interact with computers, or to make it easier for human beings to interact with each other.





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