CS Society LAN party

The Computer Science Society will be having our first LAN party of the year on Sept. 20 in CAR 207 and 210 starting at 6PM.  The games we have planned are Team Fortress 2, COD 4 and some DOTA 2 after if everyone wants.
Everyone planning on attending should have these games downloaded AND installed BEFORE Friday September 20th at 6pm i.e. do it this weekend and get familiar with the games so you are ready to play next weekend. 
Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2 can be downloaded for free from steam, as for COD 4 everyone will have to "find" their own copies to play. We will be working on finding our own copies and have an update about COD installs coming early in the week.
There will be no charge for this event, however, I suggest you all bring a few dollars (5-10) so we can have some pizza ordered at some point in the evening. Also, if everyone who is planning on attending could email me at cs.consultant@acadiau.ca just to say your coming so I have some idea of the number of people.

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