Departmental Jacket Order

Hey everyone, 

        The Jodrey School of Computer Science is ordering departmental jackets this year. Photos of both the mens and women’s jackets are below in each of the 3 colour choices (navy, red and black), size charts which should allow everyone to get the right size of jacket, as well as a photo of what the crest will look like that we are having embroidered on the left breast of the jacket (keep in mind that above the crest in an arc will be “Jodrey School of Computer Science”). I have spoke with Cajuns and they are willing to let us order our jackets in different colors and still give us the bulk purchase price. This will allow everyone to get the exact coat they like without compromise.  Shipping on the jackets will be 4-6 weeks (They are hoping to have them by December 13th), and I would like to have the order placed no later than Nov. 22nd. This means you MUST see Sharon before this date with the cash for the jacket. Your jacket will not be ordered without payment. The cost will be $100.









James Walsh, President

Computer Science Society

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