F5://Food - A 48 Hour Idea Lab

F5://Food is an occasion to work with agri-food pioneers to develop innovative solutions to address particular problems or opportunities.

We hope F5://Food proves to be a dynamic environment allowing food entrepreneurs and new media builders to experiment in the development of new technologies and services that can help forward opportunities in food production, distribution, and consumption.

Pitching your idea at F5://Food is an opportunity to form a group with like minded individuals to help develop the concept over the course of the weekend.

The weekend activities kick off on Friday Jan. 17. Registration starts at 6:00, and runs to 6:45. The remainder of the evening will focused on pitching ideas and forming work groups which will hash out the ideas we elect over the course of the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are work days where we gear up to present our developed project on Sunday.

Hope to see you there!!








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