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Jodrey School of Computer Science



Friday December 1, 2017

2:30 - 4:00 PM

Carnegie Hall 113



Lin Yihang – A Tower Defense Game

The game is built by using Unity Game Engine. Player places towers to protect the base by eliminating all the enemies. The game has 4 different kinds of towers with different abilities and effects. Towers could be upgraded or sold. Player loses game if the base is destroyed.

Matthew Helmer – Matt Helmer: Droid Wrangler

My project is an Android application that allows Spotify users to create and contribute to a group music queue. Users join a room and add songs from Spotify to the room’s queue. You’ll never have to hear “Yo bro can I get the AUX?” ever again.

Xiujie Li – Acadia Shuttle APP.

Acadia Shuttle APP is an android application project that I have been working for the final project. This cellphone application used on android environment and it’s about the shuttle service provided by Acadia University. There are two part(method) of it, one is a simple time-list of shuttle service, it includes searching function to help user to find time table for a specific location; another part is a map method, which user can directly see those shuttle stops on the map and when it will have a shuttle service on that location..

Scott Barnett – Game Development with Unity

My project is a 3D role-playing game, meant to demonstrate the usage of Unity in the development of games. The programming is done in Unity, with other programs, such as Blender, being used for the modeling..

Ryan Pachal -- ProlineTracker, a Web Application to Track Sport Betting

My web app allows users to upload their Proline tickets (a piece of paper showing the sports games they bet on) by taking a picture of it or entering each game manually. The app will then follow each game, letting users check the status of their games as they progress..

Everyone is welcome to attend

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