CS Seminar - Suman Kalyan

JodreySchool of Computer Science

Friday, September 18, 2015
3:00 PM
Carnegie Hall 113

Big Data & Machine Learning - The future of advanced analytics
Suman Kalyan
The intersection of Big Data and Machine Learning is creating exciting possibilities by creating  powerful decision making capabilities for enterprises. The possibilities include getting real time insights from data, being able to recommend options to Marketing, predicting key trends that matter to Business, spotting anomalous behaviour.  Understanding consumer behaviour by intelligently applying machine Learning on consumer data is redefining Marketing and is making the role of CMO critical in today's enterprises.
About the Presenter
As the Founder, Suman plays an instrumental role in the incubation of Adroit Vista -  an advanced analytics company based in Wolfville,  from inception through development and deployment. Suman’s aptitude for technology and visionary thinking is fueling Adroit Vista’s innovative and distinct applications of Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.
Suman brings diverse experience in the areas of: Data Science, Strategy Consulting and Business Development. Suman is a successful technology & Business Leader having developed and launched advanced data analytics products and delivered complex, strategic transformations during his career at companies including: General Electric, Syllogy Solutions, Rogers Communications and Telus Mobility. Suman’s technical experience is augmented by his Masters in Forecasting, and Bachelors of Technology from the India Institute of Technology, Madras.
Everyone is welcome to attend

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