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The opportunities for computer science graduates over the next 10 years are going to be exceptional as the generation of baby-boomers moves into retirement. Acadia University, rated consistently as one of the top three undergraduate universities in Canada, provides excellent degree programs in computer science. We teach a solid foundation in computer science and develop our students' interpersonal and team skills through course projects and cooperative education options.

We invite you to explore our website, investigate the various degrees and certificate programs, our areas of research, funding opportunities, and also our cooperative education program. Most importantly, get to know our faculty and students through the many videos and photos on the website. From this we think you'll discover why our motto is "come as a student, leave as a colleague".

CS News

Nov 10/14 2:30 pm

CS Seminar - Automation of Interactive Storytelling

Come learn about the artificial intelligence of interactive storytelling!

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Oct 17/14 2:30 pm

CS Seminar - A Rough Guide to New Media in the Annapolis Valley

JodreySchool of Computer Science
Local Projects Round Up
A Rough Guide to New Media in the Annapolis Valley
Michael Caplan
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Sep 26/14 2:30 pm

CS Seminar - Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering is the discipline of utilizing predictive analytics and real-time market data to design portfolios of risk that target specific economic goals while satisfying regulatory, market, and other constraints.

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