Graduate FAQ

What are the admission requirements?
To be eligible for the Masters of Science in Computer Science program you must have:
1. A degree equivalent to a four year program in Computer Science (see below for more information).
2. At least an equivalent of B- (2.67) average in all required Computer Science and Mathematics courses.
3. A TOEFL score of 580 paper-based test (237 computer-based test, 93 Internet-based test) is required if English was not the language of your previous degree program. We will also accept an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. Please note that in some cases when a student has studied in an English medium of instruction, a test of English proficiency may still be required.
What if I do not meet your English Language requirement?
You may be offered conditional admission to the MSc program contingent on you successfully completing our EAP (English for Academic Purposes) program if you are deemed admissible. Students are responsible for funding the EAP fees themselves. There will be no decisions on graduate funding until students enter the graduate degree program.
Where can I get more information?
Email our Graduate Studies Offier, or visit the Graduate Admissions webpage.
What is the application process?
1. Apply
2. After your application is complete (including TOEFL/IELTS, transtscripts, recommendation, application fee, etc), it will be sent to the Graduate Office.
3. Graduate Office (Ms. Theresa Starratt) will check if you satisfy general admission requirements, and if so, your application will come to Computer Science Dept. where our Graduate Chair will review your application. Since we require a degree equivalent to our honours degree, see, any required but missing undergraduate courses will be marked as "make-up" courses (note that here a mark above 70% is required). Finally, Graduate Chair will provide the intial assessment.
4. Graduate Chair will invite all Computer Science Faculty members to review your application. Your application will be accepted if you have no more than 3 make-up courses, and at least one faculty member shows some interest in  supervising you.
How will I be supervised?
As a part of the admission process, you will have an initial supervisor. You must have a supervisor at all times, but may later select another supervisor provided that you fill in the appropriate form (also available from the School of Computer Science), and have this form signed by the School's Graduate Chair; (see Resources, below).
I applied, got accepted, but could not come - can I come one year later?
You have to reapply to the Admission Office. The School may decide to request a deferral to the following semester (in particular, the deferral for computer science Masters Applicants depends on whether or not the assigned research supervisor can keep the position open for the student), but the final decision is made by the Office of Graduate Studies.
Is there funding available?
We allocate a limited number of Acadia Graduate Award, AGA every term. In addition, your supervisor may supplement this award from her or his research grant. It should be noted that usually the funding decision is made after you apply and are accepted, and sometimes even later, i.e. after you arrive to Acadia. Also, it should be noted that funding rarely covers all expenses of international students (see p. 9 below).
Awards available to foreign students for graduate study/research in Canada
What are the fees?
Will I be on your website?
If you agree to have your name and photo placed on the School's website, then please download this form (pdf), print it and bring to the Graduate Studies Coordinator
Where do I get resources?
Office: See Sharon Watson (Carnegie 310) to receive your keys.
Mailbox: Carnegie 310 (please check this box on a regular basis for important messages and mail).
Student-supervisor form (doc, pdf).
I have completed all required courses, agreed with my supervisor on the thesis topic, but then I "took some time off". Can I continue this topic?
You can not assume that the topic assigned by your supervisor will always be available; often after one year of inactivity, this topic can no longer be used. But, this depends on your supervisor, and therefore it is important that you maintain a close contact with the supervisor.
Is there Co-op option available?
A co-operative education option is available to students who are enrolled in the MSc in Computer Science program, completed two terms of study, and have approval from their supervisor. This option offers a minimum 4 months or a maximum 8 months of paid work experience in industry.
What are my rights and responsibilities?
Graduate Students "Rights and Responsibilities"