Why Computer Science at Acadia University?

Computer scientists are problem solvers. The study of computer science provides students with the ability to develop systems for many fields, using innovation and creativity. The knowledge students obtain is applied to many fields such as medicine, business and forensics. Students at the Jodrey School of Computer Science acquire skills that are relevant, current, and in demand. These skills are gathered in a cutting-edge, nationally-accredited curriculum, as well as through relevant job experience supported by Acadia's co-op program and industry partners. Computing can be your main area of study or integrated with other disciplines such as biology, education or music. A degree in computer science allows a student to secure employment in an area of personal interest.

A wealth of opportunities exists for computer science graduates. Some pursue graduate studies, while others begin their career as computer programmers. Graduates find employment in software development firms, multimedia and gaming companies, computer consulting firms, communications companies, computer departments of large businesses and service bureaus, national and provincial governments, technology companies, small businesses, and their own businesses. These and a host of options are available because a broad selection of courses in art, business and science is part of the degree.

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