Research Groups

Lifelong Machine Learning and Reasoning

Lifelong Machine Learning and Reasoning

The Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) undertakes research into novel machine learning and data mining algorithms and approaches, and the application of these approaches to synthetic and real-world problems.   The lab’s researchers and students specialize in developing machine learning algorithms and methods particularly those in the area of Lifelong Machine Learning, Transfer Learning, Knowledge Consolidation, and Learning to Reason.  The group has particular expertise in artificial neural networks and deep learning used for supervised, unsupervised and time series problems.  We also apply standard machine learning methods as well as more advanced LMLR approaches to problems in the areas of data mining, adaptive systems, intelligent agents and robotics. For more information please see the Software, Data and Publication pages.


Acadia Institute For Data Analytics

AIDA Acadia Institute for Data Analytics

The Acadia Institute for Data Analytics was formed in 2014 to advance knowledge in data analytics and to foster the commercialization of data analytics solutions to challenges facing industry, government, and society in rural Canada. Situated in Acadia's Rural Innovation Centre, this unique technology-based Institute has worked with a wide range of start-ups and established companies interested in using data analytics and machine learning to create new products and services and build a competitive advantage.