BACS with Interdisciplinary Study


The BACS with Interdisciplinary Study degree is intended for students who wish to supplement their studies of computer science with another discipline. The student must get permission from the School when selecting this other discipline. The idea is for the student to combine knowledge from both subjects in order to specialize in a way that they might not otherwise be able to. For example, if a student was interested in the technology used in medical operations they could take a BACS with Interdisciplinary Study degree to study biology and computer science.


Students must complete 120 credit hours as follows:

  1. All of the following (42h): COMP 1113, COMP 1123, COMP 2103, COMP 2113, COMP 2203, COMP 2213, COMP 2663, COMP
    2903, COMP 3343, COMP 3613, COMP 3663, COMP 3713, COMP 3753, COMP 4983, each with a minimum grade of C
  2. MATH 1253 or MATH 2213/2223 with a minimum of grade of C
  3. 6h from MATH 1413/1313 and MATH 1323/1333 with minimum grades of C
  4. 6h selected from English, Art at the 1000-level, Classics, Comparative Religion, a single language other than English, History,
    Music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies), Philosophy, Theology (THEO 3013/3023, BIBL
    2013/2023, GREE 3013/3023), or Women's and Gender Studies or COMM 1213/1223 (Students completing the specialization
    in Software Development may not count COMM 1213 and COMM 1223 towards this requirement.)
  5. 9h of courses from the Faculty of Arts (not SOCI 3103).
  6. 54h of Interdisciplinary Study as follows:

a. 6h of COMP with a minimum of C

b. 6h of COMP or MATH with a minimum of C

c. 42h with permission of the School that must contain a Minor in another subject of at least 18h (all Minor courses
must be completed with a minimum of C-)

d. of the above, 15h must not be Computer Science, Mathematics, or Co-operative Education


Graduation Requirements

In addition to the program requirements outlined above, a minimum program GPA of 2.00 is required to graduate. The following courses may not count towards a degree in computer science: APSC 1413, ECON 2613, ECON 2623, MATH 1613, or any 1800- or 2800-level Computer Science course (with the exception of COMP 2853, which may be used as an elective course only)

** Although the course information here is prepared with care, changes may have been made to the Academic Calendar.  It is the students responsibility to confirm their required courses with the Academic Calendar from the current year. **