Guide Before You Apply


Before You Apply to MSc Program

  1. The Jodrey School of Computer Science only offers a research-based thesis program. Currently, no course-based master’s degree is available.
  3. Make sure you have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent (i.e., BSc in Computer Engineering).
  5. Applicants must have completed all courses listed in Table 1 with a B- (70%) or better. Students missing a maximum of two courses from Table 1, may be considered if a faculty member reflected interest to supervise you. For more details on the description of these courses, please refer to Acadia University Calendar at
  7. An applicant can contact the graduate chair for further information, or a faculty member directly if they require specific information based on their research interest.



Computer Science Courses

Data Structures & Algorithms

COMP 2113

Data Communication & Computer Networks

COMP 3343

Analysis of Algorithms

COMP 3403

Artificial Intelligence I

COMP 3613

Operating Systems

COMP 3713

Data Base Management Systems

COMP 3753

Math Courses

Introductory Calculus I

Math 1013

Discrete Mathematics

Math 1413

Statistics for Life Sciences 1

Math 2233

Table 1: A List of Required Courses.


After submitting your application form and all supporting documents (including official transcripts):

  • The application package will be reviewed by the graduate chair;
  • The application will be distributed to all faculty members in the school for their review;
  • Faculty interested in supervising a student of a particular application will reflect an interest;
  • An applicant may be requested for a technical online interview with the potential supervisor;
  • The decision of accepting or declining an application is solely the decision of the School of Computer Science. Decisions will be sent to the Graduate Studies Officer of Acadia University for release to the applicant through the Applicant Status Portal.



The sources of funding are very limited. As such, students are responsible for having funding for their education and expenses in place prior to coming to Acadia University campus. Acadia University offers a limited number of Acadia Graduate Scholarships/Acadia Graduate Teaching Assistantships. For more information on these scholarships, please contact Research and Grad Studies at:


Finding a Supervisor

Applicants to our program must secure a supervisor before applying. To view a list of faculty and their research interests, please visit our faculty page. If there is anyone who has interests that match yours, you will need to make sure that they are accepting new students and then contact them to see if they have a project that might be suitable for you.

Supervisor Name

Research Interest

Accepting Students
Academic year 2023 - 2024


Dr. Amir Eaman


  • Formal Methods in Software Engineering
  • Software Verification and Validation
  • Theorem Proving
  • Computer Security
  • Machine Learning





Dr. Danny Silver


  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • User Modeling
  • Robotics





Dr. Darcy Benoit


  • Autonomic computing
  • DBMS performance
  • Distributed systems 





Dr. Elhadi Shakshuki


  • Intelligent Agents
  • Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing





Dr. Greg Lee


  • Machine Learning
  • Automated Storytelling
  • Information Retrieval





Dr. Haiyi Zhang


  • Machine Learning, and Inference Mechanism
  • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
  • Logical Theory, Algorithms
  • Internet Computing, WWW





Dr. Lydia Bouzar-benlabiod


  • Embedded Machine Learning
  • Anomaly Detection in Computer Security
  • Medical Image Analytics





Dr. Sazia Mahfuz


  • Streaming IoT data analytics
  • Lifelong Machine Learning
  • Medical Image Analytics





Important Note: We are a small school with a limited number of available supervisors and spots available for graduate students. The School of Computer Science reviews completed application packages on a rolling basis, many of which are completed prior to the deadline dates published. Once we reach our program capacity, your application may be withdrawn, and you could be encouraged to reapply for the next available session.