BACS with Software Development Defined Option


Software Development is the study of the software cycle starting from the initial project requirements and design to the development and testing of the initial product. This specialization will provide you with the knowledge of the entire software development process, ranging from the soft skills in project management and design to hands-on programming and development. Be the specialist in your company with the skills to handle any part of the software development process.


    1. Core BACS Specialization Courses:
      Comp 1113, 1123, 2103, 2113, 2203, 2213, 2663, 2903, 3343, 3613, 3663, 3713, 3753, 4983(Project must be in the area of software development), and Math 1413 or 1313, and 1323 or 1333, each with C- or better (48h)
    2. A set of required specialty courses, each completed with a grade of C- or better. (36h total)

      Software Development Specialty Courses: five courses (21h)

      • Comp 2513
      • Comp 3513
      • Comp 3583
      • Comp 3773
      • Comm 1213

      Other Courses

      12h from the the School of Business Administration
      9h with permission of the School


    3. Math 1013, 1023, 2233 each with C- or better (9h)

    4. 6h selected from English, Art at the 1000-level, Classics, Comparative Religion, a single language other than English, History, Music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies), Philosophy, Theology (Theo 3013/23, Bibl 2013/23, Gree 3013/23), or Women's Gender Studies "or Comm 1213 and 1223 (if specialization is not Software Development.
    5. 9h of courses from the Faculty of Arts (not Econ 2613, 2623, or Soci 3103)
    6. 12h of electives with at most 6h in Comp
    7. A minimum CGPA of 2.00 is required to be eligible to graduate
    8. The Comp 4983 project must be in the area of the specialization



** Athough the course information here is prepared with care, changes may have been made to the Academic Calendar.  It is the students responsibility to confirm their required courses with the Academic Calendar from the current year. **