tl_files/sites/cs/resources/images/faculty/loliver.jpg   Dr.Leslie Oliver

   Professor Emeritus





  • BSc - Acadia University
  • MSc - Acadia University
  • PhD - McGill University

Research Interests:

  • Digital Image Analysis

Personal Glimpse:
I first became involved with computers in 1962 as a programmer, long before networking or personal computers had been invented. Having studied mathematics at the BSc level, I was fascinated by the process of programming a machine that could manipulate symbols. That fascination has kept me interested in software that performs tasks that people find difficult, like extracting meaning from a picture. After many years of teaching, research and university administration, I retired from regular professor's duties and was appointed Professor Emeritus. This has given me time to volunteer as President of the Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia, to participate in a Saint Mary's University program that is developing computer science education in Republic of The Gambia and to catch up on my reading.


Phone: 902-542-3373
Fax: 902-542-4846

By Mail or Courier:
Dr. Leslie Oliver
21 Minas View Drive
Wolfville NS Canada