tl_files/sites/cs/resources/images/faculty/tmuldner.jpg   Dr.Tomasz Müldner





  • M.Sc. - Warsaw University
  • Ph.D. - Polish Academy of Science

Research Interests:

  • Internationalization
  • XML technology, in particular XML compression and applications to security

Personal Glimpse:
The professional life of a university professor consists of three basic activities: (1) teaching, (2) research, i.e. investigating new ways of "doing things" and understanding "how things work", and then sharing these results with other people working in the field by publishing in Canadian and International conferences and journals; and (3) university and community service on various committees. Although all three have their rewards, I have found the first two activities to be especially satisfying, because they afford the opportunity for teaching and interacting with students. It is my pedagogical philosophy that learning is a participatory process that must never be boring, and consequently, all my classes are highly interactive, with students always involved in the discussion. Research, especially the so-called bleading (rather than leading) edge of technology is another of my favorite pastimes. I was trained as a mathematician, which has shaped my approach for analyzing problems and proposing solutions. I have interest in a wide range of research areas, including investigations of parallel computations (such as those that occur in the computer running multiple programs), and more recently security issues. In my free time, I like to talk to my children (both, Acadia alumni in Computer Science), travel with my wife (especially to Europe), read books, and listen to music (that ranges from Chopin and various violin concertos to Rolling Stone and Jerry Lee Lewis).


Phone: 902-585-1578
Fax: 902-585-1067
Office: CAR 313

By Mail or Courier:
Dr. Tomasz Müldner
Jodrey School of Computer Science
27 University Ave.
Acadia University, Wolfville
Nova Scotia, Canada
B4P 2R6